Sweater weather is in full swing! I’m sure your cheeks have been kissed by the cool weather of the season. This is the same vibe that makes snowflake nail art desirable.

Snowflake nail art is indeed a staple when we talk about holiday nail designs. There’s something magical and dreamy about snowflakes so it’s really no wonder why it has become a regular holiday fixture.

I haven’t seen a collection of Christmas nail designs that do not include this pattern. So, I’m giving you lovelies something you will surely crave during the cold months.

Check out this snowflake nail art collection you should be sporting this winter!

1. In the Blue

nails | snowflake acrylic nails

Blue isn’t exactly a Christmas color but there’s no doubt that this nail design is reflective of the festivities of this season.

The addition of snowflake nail art on the ring fingernail takes this design into a whole new level of gorgeousness. Blue is a great base for this design because it makes the snowflakes really pop!

2. Mood for Nude

nai snowflake | clear snowflake nails

This is the nail art my loyal client and now good friend can’t take her eyes off of. This snowflake nail art has the right balance of simplicity and glam given its play on colors.

It’s also balanced out by the other holiday art featured. This design is classy and whimsical at the same time!

3. Easy & Pretty Snowflake Nail Art

Easy and Pretty Snowflake Nail Art | white snowflake nails

Of course, my own creation is part of this list! If you love French tips and want to give it a holiday twist, this nail art design is perfect for you.

This is something so effortless and stunning. I love how the color combination has created a flawless design people will definitely gush about. The best part about this design? You can totally do it yourself!

4. Blue Gray & White

hand young woman blue manicure design | snowflake nails blue

Not a fan of loud nail colors? Here’s the perfect snowflake nail art for you! The subtle color of blue-gray and a shade of purple give this design the depth and spectacle it bears.

The big white and dark blue snowflake artworks as accents definitely add a charm to this nail art design.

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